Gourmet Tutti Amici Olive Oil


Experience the rich, authentic taste of Tuscany with Gourmet Tutti Amici Olive Oil. Crafted in a small Tuscan hilltown, our olive oil proudly honors the time-honored techniques and pure flavors that define this renowned region.

  • Award-winning excellence: Savor the exquisite taste that has earned Gourmet Tutti Amici Olive Oil the 1st place honor in the 2011, and the 2nd place award in 2012 at the prestigious CT Specialty Food Association's Annual Competition for Olive Oil.
  • Cold-press method: Our meticulous "cold" press approach ensures that the olives' skins are removed gently and washed with cold water, preserving their full-bodied taste and nutritional value.
  • Authentic Italian olives: The delectable flavor of Gourmet Tutti Amici Olive Oil comes from premium Italian olives, squeezed to perfection with a traditional large stone wheel.
  • Slightly filtered for enhanced flavor: Every drop of our oil embraces the bold taste of Italy, thanks to a "slightly" filtered process that retains all the valuable properties of the olives. If your oil appears cloudy, fear not—a quick shake will unleash its vibrant flavor!
  • Perfect for the discerning home cook: Gourmet Tutti Amici Olive Oil offers a culinary delight for those seeking a high-quality, versatile cooking oil that enhances every dish with a touch of Tuscan flair.

Join us in the journey of rediscovering tradition, and bring the robust flavors and aromas of the Tuscan countryside to your kitchen.